Friday, May 06, 2005

Running up

So I was a finalist for this big writing fellowship. Not as big as the one I had before, but big.
It would have "changed everything".
When I heard I was a finalist, it was like the cage door swung ajar and I had a glimpse of redemption. Haha.

I got the letter yesterday. Skinny envelope, self-addressed.
Those are never good.

Ah yes, the SASE.

The sight of your own handwriting on an envelope is not a friendly thing. There's something cruel about it, really. I mean, to receive a rejection addressed in your own hand. It's as if your beloved shadow gave you the finger, or your reflection, independant of you, suddenly spluttered a rasberry in your searching face.
The SASE. I know foundations and journals demand them to save money, but Jesus. Expediency can be diabolical.


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