Thursday, June 16, 2005

cellophane wrapped immortals

cellophane wrapped immortals
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Venerable immortals, holding the peach of eternity, or whatever it is called. Peaches from the tree of heaven. You'd think, if they were so Immortal, they wouldn't need to be wrapped in cellophane.

They'd be preserved by their own sanctity.
But oh well. It's pretty festive.

Speaking of cellophane, I was under the illusion that Big Sur summers were hot and dry, and this one is damp and even, shudder, rainy. A crow perched on my tent this morning eating snails off the rain fly. The tent already leaks, and in spite of the 6 inch metal stakes that hold it down, it doesn't do too well in the wind. My bedding already smells like mildew, and I worry about what a serious storm will do.

The crow babies are out and they have a special food call, high and hoarse, when they want to be fed. The crow sentry's post is in one of the fig trees next to my tent, and when I come out, it sounds the alarm and all the crows take off.

I feel lonely here a lot, though I am rarely alone.


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