Thursday, June 02, 2005


What day is it?

I have two spider bites on my left leg, and one on my forehead.
My body has black kerosene streaks on it from hitting myself with unlit poi while practicing firedancing (without fire).
I danced with fire, too, and didn't burn myself. I am not very good at it.

Other things I am not good at yet:
milking a goat
weeding a garden
sleeping in a tent
doing manual labor in the full sun for more than three hours without wanting to collapse, clap my hands for the servants to bring me some lemonade, and then lying in hammock and reading victorian novels. (I have not gotten to do this, and I managed five hours in the sun yesterday. now that it is my day off, of course, the fog is weaving around the ankles of the house like an annoying cat).

Espresso with steamed goat's milk is the nectar of the gods.
I caught a lizard when I was raking straw. It was growing a new tail. It was the first lizard I ever caught with my bare hands. The totem-aniimals book they keep next to the toilet explained that lizards symbolize intuition and the ability to detach from circumstances. I thought it was a pretty good omen.

They decorate with bones. I like it. Bones have a real warmth to them that I didn't expect. It's very organic here. There are dried chicken's feet in a basket in the bathroom. There is world music on the stereo and a shotgun leaning on a velvet covered cane chair. Redneck bohemian, voodoo yuppies--there has to be a good coinage.

I hurt all over.
Did I already say that?
There's more to tell, but my camera batteries just finished recharging, so I think I'll take pictures and let them speak for me.
love and itches


Blogger Boz said...

I hope you're wearing a hat when you are working out in the sun!

Meat tenderizer is good for bug bites.

C'mere, you need a hug.

11:34 AM  
Blogger Sandra said...

Goat milk goes along well with espresso? Interesting!

I permanently caught lizards last summer... well, the more I think about it, the way those lizards were jumping at me... I guess they caught me and not vice versa.

Now, being caught by a lizard, is that a bad omen?!

12:57 PM  

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