Friday, February 24, 2006

artichokes, accordian, and what happens when I post after drinking caffeine on an empty stomach on a sunny day where there is no work to do at work

I finally found a good radio station--I don't know how, I don't know where,and I am afraid to touch anything in the car for fear it will blink out like a soap bubble. Last night on the drive home it was playing TOM WAITS singing a GOSPEL song--and right then, I knew, I'd come home. The frequency had found me.

After Tom Waits it played a bunch of good raunchy blues, Big Mama Thornton, and some other people I'd never heard of, and this morning, this morning I thought, well, it can't possibly be good at a different itme of day--it's a fluke, kind of like the Hawaiian music that always comes on between 4 and 6, so that you feel ike that one guy in Twin Peaks, Laura Palmer's shrink, obsessed with Hawaii, or like "Woody" in Earth Girls Are Easy--speaking of which, THAT is a movie I can watch over and over--I LOVE that movie--but where was I?

Oh, the radio, this morning, totally blew my mind. It was a middle-eastern accordian player, and his brothers, playing something that sounded like tango by way of the silk road. It was amazing. And of course, since it was the radio, they said his name but a) I couldn't write it down, even phonetically, because I was driving and the one time I tried to write and drive I nearly went headfirst into an artichoke field and b) I couldn't quite tell what the announcer was saying. Elias Lamal? Elias Mammal? Alias Lemond? I couldn't quite catch it. So now I have an unrequited passion for middle eastern accordain music, and I may never hear it again, and I will go to my grave haunted by it.

Then I stopped behind a giant truck that had one of those disease ribbon stickers on the back of the tailgate, and it said, in delicate pink script, "I Support Farting". I didn't know flatulence was a disease--I thought it was more of a celebration. The sticker would have been better if it said "toot your horn if you love farting" or "I toot for tooters" or---I should stop saying 'tooters' right now. Was my coffee extra strong this morning?

The artichokes are coming out--they look like giant green roses in the fields. It's very Wizard-of-Oz looking; there's a scathing political commentary in here somewhere about farm laborers and munchkins, but I can't quite find it.

Actually, artichokes may look like roses but they are a member of the thistle family. How cool is that? And when you eat them with butter and white wine, the perfume is incredible.

And now I'm craving artichokes. And middle eastern accordian music.
There's no work to do today. I want to go home. I haven't done laundry since the last Ice Age.


Blogger Boz said...

I believe the station you are referring to is 91.5 FM KKUP out of Cupertino.

11:39 AM  
Blogger Juan Bodley said...

The better 91.5 is at my old high school...WJHS in Columbia City. Since I worked there it's automatically better. Dammit.

2:43 PM  

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