Saturday, May 13, 2006


Davenport is a cement plant and a stoplight and these hellbox cliffs that go down to a beach.
Whales migrate past there, and there's a bakery where you can get decent brownies, as well as cheeseburgers. Bikers love to stop there on their way down to Big Sur. You have to cross a railroad tracks to get to the bluffs that lead down to the ocean. Right now they are covered in vivid green grass, and the wind is always blowing. I will miss Davenport when I leave this area. I used to go there alone with a dog and walk around letting my skirt blow.


Blogger frlmnk said...

I know the place I used to live "in" Capitola. Never frequented the beach much but I'd tour by going to and from 1/2 Moon Bay and such. I used Waddle and Greyhound rock some.
I found your blog doing a search for Hotei. Nice coincidence.

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