Tuesday, May 16, 2006

revenge of the mole

I like to think that my liberated mole reinvented itself as the boppy dot that bounces over the words in karaoke videos, and is even now happily bouncing along on top of the lyrics to "Copacabana" in a happy place, maybe in Japan town, maybe at a mall in Bangkok, or even in good old Bear's Place in Bloomington of a Thursday night.

that mole bugged me. It was an outie mole, the kind that sticks to you like a tiny spit ball, and it hurt whenever it got tangled in a necklace or high collar. But what a hole it has left in me.


It looks like someone put their cigarette out on my neck.

This makes me think of a Gogol story, "the Nose". If my mole is out there having a better time than me, I am going to be pissed.

I bet she is. I bet she's perfectly spherical and dressed in Versace and playing kissy-face with Peter Sarsgaard or even the hunky Mark Ruffalo. Maybe she wound up on some starlet's lip, thus ensuring her career. Bitch.

Oh well. I just have to say to my departed mole, ooh, baby baby it's a wild world...what are the next words? If only my mole were here to lead me through the lyrics. Alas.


Anonymous gambarupat said...

"it's hard to get by, just on a smile girl, wooohhh..."

9:05 PM  

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